Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to raise kids.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. May 01, 2007.
I. Mob rule?
The founding fathers almost to a man distrusted a democracy form of government. They all saw pure democracy as mostly mob rule. That is why we have the Electoral College and the senate was supposed to be an appointed body. The truth is we actually have a republic form of government.

I think we are now paying the price for changing the senate to an elected body.It is becoming clear more and more with modern scientific polling and political pandering that we are face to face with mob rule concerning the Iraq war. The political pressure to flee out of Iraq at any cost is actually churned up by mob rule and political polling.

The mostly socialist minded liberal press makes sure the general public is kept ignorant of the dire consequences of leaving Iraq unstable.They won’t tell the American public that that region contains about one third of the world’s supply of oil. They won’t tell the American people that fleeing Iraq will damage the American economy or may even destroy it.

They won’t tell the public if we don’t get our sixty percent overseas oil supplies the eighteen-wheelers don’t roll and bellies may not be filled. The end result is we have a general public that is ignorant on what it takes for this nation to survive with oil as its lifeblood.Make no mistake about it; this is all about power, the liberal press and liberal politicians knows these dire facts. But, they would rather milk the suffering, the grief, and low pain threshold for all it is worth.

The technique rewarded them in 06, and like I said then, the liberals may be shallow but they are not stupid, they just think the general public is. They will not flee Iraq at any cost, but they will do just about anything to make the uninformed American general public think that they will.The same reason is to again harvest the masses of antiwar "pie in the sky" votes like in 06. Now, they are back at the well for a double dipping in 08.

The proof why they are pretending is they won't dare threaten to cut off funds. Sometimes if given enough rope one will hang himself. But, in my view the only thing that is going to save conservatives from another horse whipping in 08 is an all out blitz to educate the general public on the truth.Sure, big liberal media is going to scream fear mongers, but the truth must prevail or conservatives are toast in 08.

The general public sees the government as an omnipotent sugar daddy, especially women. They don't realize that our nice air-conditioned homes, the nice cars we drive, and the gas at the pumps are not automatic and a given. The same ones cursing and raising hell about the sacrifices being made in the Iraq war will be the same ones screaming and complaining the loudest when no gas will be at the pumps if we flee.

We all should be committed to stabilizing the place and then getting the hell out of there, but not before it is somewhat stable.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. April 20, 2007
I. How to raise kids.

I Heard the tape of the actor father ranting at his young daughter. I’m going to weigh in here because I think there is a message here that separates real conservatives from pretenders. The first thing is no decent responsible person will condone the name-calling and language that father used. But the heart of the matter here is how to raise kids.

In my view a genuine conservative will chastise the father for his bad language and uncontrolled temper, but no genuine conservative will get on a bandwagon to crucify this father. In my view this issue is the number one reason for what is wrong and destroying this country. It is the ill-raising of children. Raising kids is all about teaching a kid for eighteen years how to be a productive citizen.

Too many parents see a child as a love item, someone to pamper and dote on. Too many parents want to keep the child happy and pleased instead of preparing the child to be prepared to deal with the real world later. Before this big government doomsday welfare state came about a parent would pay dearly for raising an irresponsible child. The parents would have no one to care for them when they got too old to do for themselves.

The name of the game is perspective and balance. Sure, abuse of any kind is destructive and can damage a child for life. But on the other hand this country has gone too far in the opposite direction. A young mind will adapt and learn how to deal with frustration in a healthy way unless clearly outright abused.

The way many parents are spoiling and pampering their children it is no wonder many teens now-days are drinking alcohol, chasing illegal drugs, and going deaf on rap music. Many kid’s now-days can’t see a real purpose to life. I’m telling you discipline is what gives purpose and meaning to life.

In my view it is better to put a whelp on a child behind than to have a crying mother up at night worried out of her mind eighteen years later. And in many cases the kid may be too far-gone on drugs or into crime with only two choices left, prison or death. This is what the liberals and their welfare state has done to this once proud “I-don’t-want-your charity” great predominant Christian nation. It has devastated the African American community more than anything else.

I never have and never will condone abusing a child in any way, but, by the same token I think it is just as damaging to fail to prepare a child to deal with real world frustrations. It is the same as turning a tame animal loose into the wild and expecting it to survive. Many children and adults can’t cope, that is why so many of the young and old are on legal and illegal drugs. Only discipline will force one to learn how to deal with frustrations the old fashion way, without drugs.

Thank you God for my life, health, and strength, saying this will calm any frustrated mind if repeated enough times. Read Freddie L. Sirmans books for all of the answers.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. April 11, 2007
I. Good-old-boy intent gone awry.

In my view the Duke rape case may never have gone public if the intent was to do the right thing in the first place. Everyone on the scene should have immediately gone before a secret grand jury unbeknown to the public. But no, now the public will never know what really happened. How sad, it serves the DA right. "You can't fool all of the people all of the time." I believe foul play was involved by a drunk rowdy bunch of kids
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Feb. 11, 2007
I. Why there is runaway CEO pay?

Runaway CEO Pay is actually proof of a non-free market economy. In a true free market economy no business with any kind of runaway pay can survive. What the US have is actually a government driven inflationary spiraling economy. What they call growth is actually inflation produced by government giving out free money on an individual basis and raising the cost of living itself each year.

Otherwise, who knows if we would have had any true growth in the last twenty years? In a true free market system the amount of labor and pay is directly connected and the currency is supposed to represent a fixed amount of gold backup. Sure, a civilization must have laws, but in the final analysis the real true disciplinarian is the economy itself.

We have laws on the book now to control crime, illegal immigration, drugs, and anything you can think of, but everything is out of control and is only going get worse. This welfare state economy is an enabler that promotes a lack of individual responsibility and accountability, whereas a true free market economy would demand individual responsibility and accountability.

Enough human self-interest can and will overpower any law. I will guarantee you if we got rid of this doomsday welfare state economy it would bring back individual responsibility and accountability. Now, you can’t get Americans to do farm work in the blazing sun, but, if one gets hungry enough he will work anywhere he can. Also, the public would bare some teeth and would never tolerate the amount of crime and illegal immigration that’s taking place.

That is what a true free market place would do. Remember, I'm not making the rules I’m just telling you what they are. No one really knows what kind of economical system we really have. "We are in no man’s land. We have gone where no man has gone before. We are truly in un-chartered territory or waters." We are just printing money as we see fit and using the interest lever to keep from going completely off the chart.

Again, I’m going to walk through this, an economy is when you have a lot of people and each family must produce or create something of value to eat and live. What one needs and doesn’t have he must barter to get it from someone else. But, if he wants a pig and only have potatoes to barter with, the other person may not want potatoes. So, a currency solves the problem where everyone can exchange with everyone else.

The point I'm trying to make is a currency or a business is only a mean of exchange unless the currency itself is of value instead of just worthless paper. The ability to eat, sleep, and stay warm is still when someone somewhere is producing something of physical value.Small farmers and gardeners is the backbone for any nation to survive under all conditions.

You can have the biggest business and more cash than you can shake a stick at, but the guy with a garden and a shot gun has the advantage when it comes to raw survival. I don't have a problem with mega-farms and huge animal factory farms, but for a nation to rely solely on them for their only survival is just plain dumb and stupid. Everything about them requires mass quantities of fuel plus long distance delivery.

We are now left with no bartering capacity to exchange with each other to survive on in case of a national emergency. Food in a foreign country or miles away is not going to get to our mouths if we don't get our sixty percent overseas oil supplies. Sure, we can flee Iraq and lick our wounds for a while before we start starving due to a lack of oil to keep the eighteen wheelers rolling.A nation can survive a worthless currency crisis only with backup bartering capacity.

There is no doubt in my mind unless we privatize out of this welfare state at some point our currency is going to become worthless. What actually makes a democracy superior to all other forms of government is not its freedom but it’s built in discipline. When it comes to discipline nothing beats the tandem of reward or punishment. That is why it is so hard to lose weight; the body uses reward or punishment to make sure you eat.

The reward is the good taste of food and the punishment is hunger. A true free market place rewards human effort with profit and on the other hand punishes laziness with hunger and hardship. Wait! Not so fast, along comes the bleeding heart socialist and he wants to take away the profits of the productive and give it to the non-productive. And in time he will kill or destroy any democracy.

Don’t get me all-twisted; I care about the poor too. But, I believe the welfare of the poor is first the responsibility of the nuclear family, the church, social organizations, and lastly the government only on a temporary basis.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Jan. 26, 2007
I. The first law of survival is “first protect your own.”

It is a tragedy that America’s national survival instinct and nationalism has become almost nonexistent. One of America’s industrial giants that made it possible for the US and Allies to win World War II may go down from unfair world competition. The world’s biggest sellers into the US market answers back with almost no purchases of US products back in their country.

In terms of raw survival if you won’t first protect your own you can’t expect to compete in the survival game vary long. There is hardly a public stir from this welfare state, as another American industrial icon is about to bite the dust; I grieve. This great North American welfare state can now be compared to a frog in a pot of cold water with fire under it. It can, but it will not jump out before it's too late.

The welfare state has left this once self-proud great predominant Christian nation of pioneers with a gimmie, gimmie, gimmie, me-first do-for-me big government dependent mentality. And very little chance of surviving as a free people when money becomes worthless, I Grieve. Everything about this welfare state economy runs on wheels or rails mostly long distance, therefore without a guaranteed mass supply of fuel made from oil we perish.

We has no second chance back up bartering capacity to survive on like during the Great Depression, the liberal welfare state has destroyed all of that. We will be doomed. I curse the welfare state! Welfare state is damned!!! The answer and solution for everything is found in reading Freddie L. Sirmans books.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Dec. 13, 2006
I. Blood and butter money must be paid.

Almost all of the so-called experts and big thinkers believe the US. Involvement in Iraq is a deadly mistake. Myself, overall I’m not so sure. I believe the truly greatest threat to western civilization and survival is really from the inside, which is the welfare state.

In my view the Iraq situation just might be divine intervention to get the US. Back to individual accountability. I believe anything that will save the US. And get it back to responsible government and individual accountability is a good thing. Otherwise, if the US. Doesn’t privatize or dismantle its welfare state with its bankrupt moral and culture it is going to self-destruct down the toilet anyway.

No matter all the hoopla you hear from the shallow liberal media you can forget about the US. Leaving Iraq anytime soon. That is because there are still a few people in power that have some depth and wisdom and knows it would be suicide to the US. Economy to flee Iraq. It is very simple, the US. Cannot survive without it’s sixty percent overseas oil supplies.

The liberal media don’t care about the country's whole 300 million lives at stake, they are too caught up in individual pain and suffering and are blind to saving the whole country. Every decent American is grieved about the sacrifices being made over there. But, not everyone will irresponsible put all of the country's 300 million lives on the line because fleeing Iraq just might do that by collapsing the US. Economy.

Sure the cost in Iraq is blood and butter money but it is a terrible price we must pay to survive. This country has no other choice we have failed to be energy independent and is at the mercy of sixty percent of our oil from overseas to survive. Not just the liberal media but the whole media fails to educate the public of this fact. The general public doesn’t have a clue to how our dependence on foreign oil can destroy our economy and this nation almost over night.

God I ask in your name, save this last great protector and bastion of true freedom in the world today.